What should I do if a user forgets the password to log in to a virtual account?

To solve this issue, the user can contact the technical staff on the platform N1 Bet in Live Chat, who works on the platform in 24/7 mode and is always ready to solve urgent questions or problems of their client. Alternatively, you can use the technical support e-mail [email protected], where, as in the first option, the user must specify the exact reason for the request and wait for a response to your request.

Does the N1 Bet platform currently have a fair game for its users?

Undoubtedly, the N1 Bet platform adheres to a fair play framework and provides only the best functionality with reputable providers from around the world. All of the bookmaker’s activities are under the control of the Curacao Gaming Commission, which closely monitors the fair gaming on the platform. To carry out betting activities, the company has all the necessary certificates for random number generation, so no one can influence the gameplay of the user.

Can you play casino games without using your virtual account balance?

Of course, before starting to play the selected type of casino game, the user can try it in action without using the money in the virtual account. To try a casino game in action, just click on the “Play for Fun” button to assess the full functionality of the game in demo mode.

What happens in such cases, if the game in which the user is currently playing has been suspended?

If the game the user is playing has been suspended due to some problem with the N1 Bet platform your last game round of the game session may not be completed. However, the company worked out this moment and it is finished in any way and if the user wins, the amount is automatically credited to the virtual account.

What should I do if I can’t start a casino game on N1 Bet?

In this case, the user should check the versions of Flash and Java programs, which should have the latest versions for the correct operation of any casino game platform. It is also worth considering having a good internet connection so that the platform can correctly transmit game data to the user. Also to solve this problem, clean your browser cache and cookies and restart your browser and try to open the casino game again. If all of the above steps did not help to solve your problem, ask for help from technical support, which is ready to solve this type of problem for their customers.

Is all user data protected by third parties at N1 Bet Casino?

The current 128-bit Secure Socket Layer data encryption method and PGP protocol protect all the data you enter. Thanks to this fact the user can not worry about their data, which cannot fall into the hands of third parties or get on the Internet.

How do I submit documents for the verification process at N1 Bet? How do I view the status of my document verification?

To go through the verification process, the user needs to enter the documents that confirm the user’s identity and other things that are needed to get this status. To provide the documents, go to the user’s cabinet and find the “Documents” section. Enter a photo or photocopy of at least 2 MB. At the moment the following file formats are used to accept your documents: pdf, gif, jpeg, jpg, bmp, png and tif. When you submit your documents, they will be checked in queue mode. If they meet all the requirements of the bookmaker’s office, your account will automatically receive verification status. To check the status of sent documents, re-visit the “Documents” section for information.

Can a user close their virtual account for a certain period?

Of course, a user can do this action. Users can close their accounts by themselves in the personal profile of their virtual account. Alternatively, you can ask for help from technical support in Live Chat, which operates 24/7 or send an email to [email protected].